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InBase, Inc. (IBI) was incorporated in 1986, specializing in computer systems consulting and software development.  InBase has architected, developed and implemented numerous large scale, mission critical systems for large corporations throughout its history, and continues to provide applications with "Systematic Quality" sm.

Database architecture is one of our fortes.  We develop conceptual and logical models based on business requirements; then we incorporate our temporal patterns to accurately maintain versions and history to meet the demands of organizations and regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx), Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) and the National Association of Insurance Carriers (NAIC).  The database patterns also promote better business practices and customer service.  To find out more... follow this link to our Database Services section.  To see the Glossary of terms used in our DM-Review Series on Object Versioning, click here.

InBase also develops database driven applications to be used by companies that want turn-key, low risk programs that can add (and has added) millions to their bottom line that requires very little effort on their part.  InBase operates as an Application Service Provider (ASP) for many of these products, managing the servers, infrastructure, databases and application code.

Our recent product, InBase AdMan�. allows advertisers and potential advertisers to view and reserve advertising programs between the retailers, vendors and the various advertisers.  AdMan is used to manage Grocery Marketing programs and Marketing  programs for other areas, such as Automotive, Electronics, Furniture, Health and Beauty and Pharmacy departments.  Plus, AdMan manages various forms of advertising media, including: Floor Graphics, Point-of-Sale, In-Store Video, Truck and Trailer, Web Site, Opt-In Email, In-Store demonstrations and many other forms of advertising.

Inbase MailMan� allows retailers to communicate with their advertising customers via a WhiteList Email Program, keeping them informed about Advertising Program updates and specials.

We use Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server database management and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), to provide reliable, high performance applications for its clients.  InBase's proprietary Advertising Management Software, Inbase AdMan�, uses SQL Server as the DBMS for its ASP software. 

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, IBI developed one of the first state-of-the-art spell checkers, LINGO.  It was a spell checker for some of the most popular mainframe computer editors and text formatting packages. This product was used by many of the worlds largest companies, governments and organizations.

In 1997, IBI partnered with 3 other companies to start a Web Development and Consulting company. This company creates web sites that have made its clients very successful.  Contrary to many of the dot-com era businesses, these companies with their web sites are still successful today.

"IBI supplies Database and Internet solutions to successful companies."

Company Profile

IBI specializes in very complex, high volume database driven systems.  We conceive, design and develop data models, physical databases and Web Sites that excel under tremendous load, while maintaining the integrity and security of the data within. 



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