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InBase AdMan� allows advertisers and potential advertisers to view and reserve advertising programs between the retailers and various advertisers and vendors.  AdMan is used to manage Grocery Marketing programs and Marketing programs for other areas, such as Automotive, Electronics, Furniture, Health and Beauty and Pharmacy departments.  Plus, AdMan will manage various forms of advertising media inside the store and outside of the store, including: Floor Graphics, Truck and Trailer, Web Site, Video, Radio, Opt-In Email, In-Store demonstrations and many other forms of advertising.

AdMan provides information about the client retailer and their advertising programs to the potential advertiser.  The advertiser can view the various advertising programs that the retailer offers.  This includes scheduling, cycles, lead-times, prerequisites and conditions.  AdMan has a scheduling calculator that computes and shows the advertiser each of the key dates, such as the material/content submission date and ad placement dates, based on the date desired by the advertiser and the custom cycle periods and lead times required for each individual advertising program.

The advertiser can reserve a time slot to advertise their product for their marketing program. Once reserved, an acknowledgement is sent to the advertiser, the client and other third parties interested in the transaction.  The client retailer can review the advertising requests and track the progress.

CRM helps manage the Customer Life Cycle.  The retailer Buyer can review the progress of orders, and use the built-in CRM to help manage the relationship with the advertiser.

AdMan comes with a Content Management System which allows the retailer to customize the details for each of their advertising programs.

InBase AdMan uses Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server database management and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), to provide reliable, high performance databases for its clients.

Key Benefits

  • Turnkey operation
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Navigation


Integrates with InBase MailMan

Reference Accounts

Meijer Great Lakes Limited Partnership
A major Midwestern retailer with over 176 stores and 10 million impressions per week.
CoreVision Group
A leading Vertical Market provider of strategic marketing solutions.

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