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3D Shopping

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IBI is working with 3DInternet to bring to you 3D Shopping.  This portal allows visitors to actually shop in your virtual store.  Using your online catalog and e-commerce site or ours, your shoppers can experience shopping for your products in this three-dimensional store.  In addition to walking through your virtual store or mall, they can pick items from the shelf, examine the item in 3D, flip, rotate, zoom in, and place the item in their virtual shopping cart.   This is not a bland, text base 'shopping cart', but something that gives the real-feel of shopping.

In addition, the shopper can 'try on' clothing, change colors, change their own physical attributes and dimensions using the 3D real-time editor.  Then, they can invite their friends to shop with them, collaborating on purchases... all in 3D!

Follow these links to view screen snapshot videos of actual shopping sessions in 3D.

3D Grocery Shopping

Dressing Room

Furniture Shopping


Shop with Friends � On-Line

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Key Benefits

  • Shop in 3D
  • Examine Products, Rotate, Zoom
  • Change Attributes of Products
  • Upload your Avatar, and change your attributes
  • Place Item in Cart
  • Shop with Friends
  • Purchase

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