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History of InBase, Inc.

  1982 -

WeiSystems, predecessor to IBI, develops terminal emulator for distribution company, allowing some of the first dial-up remote access to corporate data using early personal computers

  1986 -

IBI Incorporates as a software and consulting company and acquires WeiSystems

  1987 -

IBI helps design Billing system for interstate telecommunications company

  1987 -

Spell Checking on the mainframe, supercharged using LINGO developed by IBI

  1988 - IBI helps large oil company develop sales transaction system
  1988 -

Sells first copy of LINGO to large hardware chain

  1988 - IBI returns to telecommunications company to implement Billing system
  1989 -

IBI works with IBM to design databases for one of the largest Commercial Finance businesses

  1990 -

Implements LINGO at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda MD

  1990 -

Makes several improvements to LINGO, and acquires dozens of Fortune 500 companies as customers

  1991 -

IBM (International Business Machines) uses LINGO for its customers

  1992 -

Adds support for the XEROX scripting language

  1992 -

First Canadian sale of LINGO after adding support for International languages, including French

  1993 -

Several large telecommunications companies use Lingo;

First European customer

  1995 -

Large Insurance company has IBI help design Risk Management system

  1995 -

Sells InterBusiness Industries to conglomerate, and renames company to InBase, Inc.

  1996 -

IBI works with IBM to implement the Insurance Application Architecture (IAA).

  1997 -

Designs database for the 6 Degrees on Jim McMahon, game enhanced to be used by several sports and athletes; used on for White Sox baseball players

  1998 -

Partners with Polymorphic Systems, Parente SCI Connection, Universal Software and Jim Mullen to start the Web Development and consulting company, Visual Highway

  1998 - Works with Jim Mullen and Microsoft to help produce the Windows '98 launch video and the "Enabled" video for people with disabilities
  1999 -

Designs and implements vertical market Media web site architecture

  1999 -

Helps large Insurance Company implement membership system

  2000 -

Helps same Insurance company develop and roll-out their first Web Sites for members, brokers and providers; revenues exceed $1.5MM

  2001 -

Designs database for News Server Web Site

  2002 -

Partners with Solving IT to become preferred vendor at large Insurance company; brings in top quality consultants

  2003 -

Partners with the "father of the CD Rom" specializing in Computer Security systems



- Designs Centralized Computer Systems Security and Identity Management system for one of the World's largest Health Insurance providers
.. 2004 -

Creates Web Sites for music industry and "folding and inserting" company

  2005 - Designs, develops InBase AdMan, advertising management software
  2006 - Creates high energy, marketing video for large retailer's Vendor Conference
  2006 - Works with ABC to stream In-Store Network advertising videos to potential advertisers
  2006 -

Develops InBase MailMan program to manage Whitelisted Opt-In Email for Marketing groups and to present Gift-Card programs




Design and implement a Role Based Security Automation System for automating Computer Security Requests, provisioning and remediation.  Reporting on a Security Intelligence Warehouse. Use Bi-temporal Patterns with Release Management for Object Version management.


Write and publish articles for DM-Review on the design and implementation of the Bi-Temporal Version Pattern.

* approximate dates


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